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As Many Of You Know I Recently Just Released The Cozy Nights Palette, This Is One Of Killer Queens Biggest Palettes, I Just Want To Share A Few Things That Led To Me Creating This Palette. Since I Opened Killer Queens Cosmetics I Have Always Wanted A Winter Themed Palette But I Wanted Something Other Than The Traditional Reds And Greens And Golds, So That Is When I Decided To Embark On The Journey To Building The Perfect Winter Themed Palette That You Can Rock All Year Round. The Looks You Can Create With This Palette Are Endless! Now Lets Talk About The Design And Name Of The Palette; During The Holidays I'm A Lifetime Movie Addict, And Just Watching These Movies Make Me Want To Curl Up With A Cup Of Hot Cocoa By The Fireplace, That Is How I Came Up With The Name "Cozy Nights", Now The Design Of The Palette, Im Obsessed With Oversized Sweaters And I Have About 6 Of The Candle Lit Lanterns So I Wanted To Incorporporate Something I Love Into My Palette, That Also Gives You Cozy Night Vibes And At The Same Time Is Aesthetically Pleasing To The Eyes. The Names Are Things I Picture Being Involved In A Cozy Night. So Here You Have The Thought Process Of Building One Of My Favorite Palettes COZY NIGHTS BY KILLER QUEENS, Here Are Some Looks To Show You How Diverse This Palette Really Is. 

 In This Palette It Features

4 Matte Shades 

3 Metallic Shades

1 Shimmer Shade

1 Duo Chrome Shade 


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